• EXPERT’S CHOICE: Bernie Williams (Khwela 4x4 Adventures and Dynamic Driving)

    As a tour operator, tyre reliability is the very last thing I want to be worried about. There’s enough on my plate to deal with when I’m miles from home and leading a group of adventure travellers on an extended off-road trip.

  • THE EXPERT’S CHOICE: Deon Venter (CEO of 4x4 Mega World)

    "As one of South Africa’s leading 4x4 and outdoor specialists, we often get questions about off-road tyres and why we use Coopers. My answer has always been the same: “Because they’re tough, reliable, and offer good value for money when you factor in the mileage they offer."

  • THE EXPERT’S CHOICE: Mic Van Zyl (Managing Director at Ironman 4x4)

    In the world of 4WD accessories, tyres are by far the biggest global spend, and, arguably, one of the most important upgrades that you can do to your vehicle. Tyres affect your vehicle’s safety, handling, ride comfort, noise levels, fuel consumption, puncture resistance, and very importantly, off-road ability.


    The idea starts as an itch. You have two options: ignore it and it’ll probably go away, or start scratching and bring it to the surface. Hennie de Klerk chose to scratch.


    Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, the world’s 9th largest tyre manufacturer with a turnover of 3.4 billion dollars (2011) is a trusted manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket, with nearly 100 years of experience in producing the highest quality product for all of life’s road trips.