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You’ve heard it all before: tyres are your vehicle’s Number One safety-feature. Tyres are your vehicle’s only contact with the road. Tyres are… blah, blah, blah.


What’s new?


As much as we hate to admit it, the fact is that tyres are a grudge purchase for most people. Fortunately, off-road enthusiasts are generally more clued-up than most city-car drivers, as a typical 4x4 owner knows (from experience) that tyres play a primary role in the off-road game of traction and durability. So, where does the grudge part fit in?


In the cost, and the longevity. There’s no denying that tyres are a costly purchase; and to make matters worse, they don’t last forever. So, assuming that you don’t make the mistake of buying the cheapest off-road tyre on the market, and also assuming that you’ve shopped around for something that provides excellent traction and durability, is there a more mathematical approach to tyre-buying?


Fortunately, there is, and the equation goes something like this: Cost / Kilometres = Value.


At first glance, it’s a straightforward calculation; but, without knowing the unknown (kilometres), you've been prevented by tyre companies from calculating the answer. That is, before Cooper stepped in…


Thanks to our TyreLife programme, Cooper is the ONLY tyre brand in South Africa to offer a FREE mileage warranty on our entire product line! This means that, if you’ve recently bought four or more Cooper tyres, (and provided that you filled out your warranty card with the dealer at the time of purchase), your tyres are now covered by our TyreLife programme. But, aside from offering a mileage warranty which varies from 40 000 to 85 000 km depending on the tyre pattern, we also offer a Protection Plan which covers damage to your tyres against any road hazards within the first year. This means that if you hit a curb, pick up a sidewall puncture, or accidentally run over a porcupine, we’ll replace your damaged tyre for free!*


The spin-off benefit to our mileage warranty is that it now enables you to accurately calculate the Cost Per Kilometre of owning a set of Cooper tyres – and thus, the value. More importantly, our TyreLife programme provides unequivocal proof that: WE STAND BY OUR BRAND.


*Click here for more information about our TyreLife programme and its terms and conditions.


NB! Not all Cooper stockists are able to offer the Cooper TyreLife programme. Click here to find your nearest dealer; note that those presented as Cooper TyreLife Partners are TyreLife affiliated. 

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