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Sadly, the tyre industry has no shortage fly-by-nights, also known as pop-up dealers looking to make a quick buck. While we do our best to call these companies out and not support them, the fact is, from time to time they pop up and damage the 4x4 market. They do this by mismatching the application of the tyre.


We’ve mentioned in the past that tyres are sometimes available in both LT and P-metric (Passenger) spec. Passenger tyres (which are generally cheaper) are designed for light-load applications and mild gravel roads, while, in contrast, LT spec tyres are robustly made for heavy loads and tough off-road conditions. Fitting a Passenger-carcass tyre to a heavy-use 4x4 will result in punctures and ceaseless tyre troubles.


Purchasing a tyre from a non-approved (unrecognized) Cooper dealer will void your Cooper tyre warranty. The terms & conditions of this warranty state that the tyres must be purchased from an accredited Cooper Tyre dealer. What’s more, Cooper Tyres cannot be held responsible for the incorrect fitting or incorrect application of tyres – in these cases the purchaser must seek recourse from the dealer where the tyres were purchased.


That said, here are 5 tyre buying tips for all Cooper owners:

  1. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. If possible, purchase your tyres from an accredited Cooper dealer only. You’ll find your nearest accredited dealer here.
  3. Always check the specification of a tyre before purchasing. If you’re an off-road enthusiast that regularly loads your vehicle and/or drives 4x4 routes and trails, you must fit a LT spec tyre, and not the cheaper Passenger alternative.
  4. You’ll find more information on LT vs Passenger tyres by clicking here.
  5. For more information on Cooper’s industry leading FREE TyreLife warranty click here.




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