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Would you buy a brand new bakkie without a warranty? Probably not. That’s because most of us recognise how risky it would be, should the vehicle’s engine bomb out.


The idea may seem outrageous now, but it wasn’t very long ago that vehicle-manufacturers were selling cars without mileage warranties. Of course, as soon as one vehicle-brand caught on to the benefits of offering a warranty programme, other manufacturers followed suit.


Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the tyre market...


Although most tyres are covered by a general defect warranty, very few manufacturers provide additional cover in the form of a tyre-protection plan, mileage guarantee, and/or an extended manufacturer’s warranty that stretches beyond the 5-year industry-minimum. In other words: tyre manufacturers are effectively sidestepping any responsibility, and allowing consumers to carry all the risk.


So, if the tyre you’re buying doesn’t come with a mileage guarantee, then there is no guarantee of what it’s really costing you. With this in mind, our brand new Cooper A/T3 range has an upgraded TyreLife warranty that includes:


1)  a 100 000 km mileage guarantee (up from 85 000 km),

2)  a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty (up from 6-years) and

3)  a 2-year road protection plan (up from 1-year)


Although our previous warranty programme was already ‘miles’ ahead of its closest competitor, the new Cooper Discoverer A/T3 range now competes on an entirely different track. For more information on Cooper Tire’s free TyreLife Programme, click here.



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