What are the benefits to fitting alloy wheels?

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You drive past a vehicle that’s exactly the same as yours. Same model. Same colour. But for some reason this one looks sportier.


So what’s the difference? Well, it’s probably the wheels.


Most car enthusiasts agree that no automotive accessory revolutionises a vehicle’s appearance quite like a set of alloy rims. But aside from head-turning good looks, there are several performance benefits to ditching your steel wheels in favour of aftermarket alloys.


Here are 7 benefits to fitting alloy wheels…



Alloy rims are typically lighter than equally sized steel alternatives. A lighter rim means less un-sprung weight acting against your vehicle’s suspension. Which also means better traction, better cornering, better acceleration, better braking, and better steering response.


A lighter rim also has less rolling resistance, and therefore better fuel economy. 


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In contrast to steel wheels, alloy rims dissipate heat more effectively and allow your vehicle’s brakes to run cooler.



While it’s true that steel wheels seldom crack, generally speaking, alloy wheels are far more rigid and far less prone to warping. Which brings us to our next point…



Steel wheels are often hard to balance once they’ve endured a few knocks and scratches. As mentioned above, this is because alloy rims are more rigid than steel, which means they’re more likely to hold their shape if you hit a deep pothole.


Given that accurate wheel balancing is key to a tyre’s longevity, it’s not uncommon to find better-balanced tyres on alloy rims.



Although both rim types can last a lifetime, steel rims don’t age as well as alloys. This is especially true if the wheel sustains minor scratches. In these cases the steel wheel will quickly show signs of corrosion and rust, while the alloy wheel will simply oxidise.



A good-looking vehicle is a fast-selling vehicle.



For most people, the greatest benefit to fitting alloy rims is the shear variety on offer. Because there are so many styles to choose from, there’s a greater chance that your vehicle model and colour will look entirely unique with a set of aftermarket alloy rims.


So if your vehicle means more to you than just a means of transport, why not customise your ride with a brand new set of alloys by visiting our wheel finder here or by clicking the image below.



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