Discoverer S/T MAXX

There is now a tyre constructed and designed to thrive in South Africa’s harshest conditions, while still offering great on-road characteristics.

Super Tensile Steel Belts

15% stronger than high tensile steel’ which results in higher impact strength and puncture resistance.

Proprietary Cut and Chip Resistant Tread Compound

Provides improved wet and dry traction and handling on the highway, while also improving cut and chip resistance in harsher rocky and gravel terrain.

Enhanced Traction on wet and greasy bitumen

Micro-gauge sipes help reduce the potential for stone retention and stone drilling into the tread elements. They also enhance traction on wet and greasy bitumen.

Maximises Grip

The proven Y-block tread pattern and optimised draft angle together maximise (on- and off‑ road) grip and provides remarkably low noise for a tyre of its class.

Minimising Damage

Self-cleaning shoulder scallops maximise off‑road traction, while minimising abrasion and damage to the protruding lugs, giving you a longer-lasting tyre.

Great Off-Road Traction

The enhanced buttress design provides additional off‑road traction, abrasion resistance and a rugged appearance.

Extra Resistance to Cutting and Chipping

Stone ejector ribs and raised-centre-groove varied channels in the shoulder area resist damage by discharging stones which cause stone drilling. Raised centre groove prevents foreign objects from lodging into the tread, giving you extra resistance to cutting and chipping.

Discoverer S/T MAXX Performance Overview

Watch as the Discoverer S/T MAXX is put to the test accross a variety of terrain types.
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