Cobra Radial G/T

An all-season cosmetic performance tyre that is targeted at buyers who prefer raised white-letter styling in an all-season tyre. The Cobra Radial G/T is especially popular with drivers of older domestic “muscle cars” who still want to retain the characteristic “look” of their vehicles.

Performance Tread

The void ratio in this performance radial has been redistributed for increased tyre-to-road contact which leads to improvements in tread wear and handling.

Even Wearing Design

The notches, solid centre rib, along with a refined tread element shape, help provide even tread wear. Shoulder slotting is also designed for resistance to irregular wear while providing solid, all-season performance.

Quiet Ride

Pitch sequence has been optimised to reduce tread-related tyre noise for increased consumer riding comfort.

Optimised Tread Compound

A delicate balance between all-season traction capability and excellent tread wear has been achieved in this radial tyre.

Sidewall and Size Options

Available in a full selection of popular sizes, the Cobra G/T offers a unique, stylised, raised white-letter sidewall to enhance vehicle appearance. The reverse side offers a serrated, black-letter look for a more subtle effect. Some sizes are available in black lettering only featuring a reversible option: stylised sidewall on one side and a traditional, smooth sidewall with standard lettering on the reverse.

Poly / Steel Construction

Low stretch polyester plies, along with strong steel cord belts, provide a tough tyre body for excellent durability.
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