Discoverer AT3 XLT
Myle en Myle van Cooper liefd! Van Kalahari Kamp tot Stadsjapie graskamp. Port Nolloth tot Musina, Agulhas tot Durban. Saam het ons die hele Suid Afrika gesien. Skoolkar tot Bundu Bashing, Party Bus tot ambulans, Limo tot taxi! Noem dit! ons het dit gedoen! more

- Cindy Van Der Westhuizen

Cooper tyres carried through desert, gravel and mud, trouble free. more

- Michelle & Grant from Wild Wonderful World

I’m loving my set of Coopers! They have far exceeded my expectations more

- Stuart Queripel from Smart Canopy

HEAVY DUTY 4X4 capable of extreme hauling and aggressive off-roading


Shred-resistant compound with silica is coupled with our next generation superior cut and chip capabilities and long-lasting treadwear. Making the AT3XLT a fantastic mileage tyre for high chip road surfaces. Guaranteed to last, delivering peace of mind and value for money.
The Discoverer AT3XLT with Durable Tread Technology™ hauls heavy loads with less wear and are built to withstand ongoing assault from dirt and gravel.
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